Deep Dive Thinking for Modern Learners

  • 21 Feb 2018
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Online



Do you teach learners how to handle bad errors?

Most training and learning programs teach perfect answers, procedures, methods,  policies, information, etc. This is well and good. But do we teach people how to make the right actions, better decisions, more reliable choices, and handle catastrophic errors? Most of the time, we don’t. The severe impacts are shown in slow or no actions, failures in judgment, errors in decision making, impulsive actions and risky actions. All of these impact the organizations financially.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why is it a problem to teach learners the “correct ways of doing things?”
  • Why is it important that workers and learners learn beyond the “what” to the “why”?
  • What is Deep Dive Thinking and how do the Modern Learners learn?
  • How do Deep Dive Thinkers continuously learn while at work?
  • How does Deep Dive Thinking widen the application of skills and knowledge in error areas of unknown situations?
  • How do you set up and add Deep Dive Thinking into your learning and training programs?

Join the webinar and download the FREE “Deep Dive Thinking Implementation Process.” A guide on how to incorporate Deep Thinking in webinars, elearning, classroom learning and coaching situations.

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