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21 Oct 2019 5:33 PM | James Wolfe (Administrator)

Hello ATD: Long Island! I was lucky enough to catch this month's highlighted member, Kiki Orski, right before she is set to present for us tomorrow. I think that looking over Kiki's interview will give you some excellent advice, as well as a few talking points for the event.

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ATD: How did you come to be a part of ATD LI?

KO: A few years back I made a concerted effort to up level my skills.  In order to do that I researched associations that had the same vision and values that I do…ATD fit that need.  I then found the local chapter to be inclusive and fun while exposing me to great learning opportunities. I need the ‘people connection’ piece. ATD LI gives me that.

ATD: Where do you work currently and what does a work day look like for you?

KO: I have been in my own business Peak Performance Consulting for 20 years!  I feel so blessed to be able to work with a variety of customers who are passionate about their people and the results they get.  A typical workday can go in one of three ways:

a) Facilitating an executive team development process to help an organization get even better results than it already is getting

b) Reaching out to companies who have a problem…teams that could and should be doing so much better…to see if perhaps the solutions I provide resonate with them

c) Following up to make sure the work I did the previous week is documented, makes sense and has the structure it needs to be implemented

How lucky am I!!!

ATD: Describe a major career achievement that led to your current position.

KO: 20 years ago, I made a decision to leave healthcare administration and go into my own business…a huge leap!  The day I was leaving, the woman I reported to asked me to come in because I had unfinished business to take care of.  I was all fired up!  I had made sure everything was ready for my departure, I knew the only thing I had at that point was my reputation as a leader….and I made sure I was leaving on a great note.

When I met with her…she simply said she wanted me to help all her other leaders run their businesses like I ran mine. That was my first consulting job! An opportunity to help others to do what I did naturally. I have been doing that type of consulting ever since.

ATD: What should a person interested in talent development be aware of before entering the field?

KO: I would suggest new members, and frankly every member, to lean in to the organization.  Get involved, share your knowledge, learn from others, and volunteer your time.  I have made the mistake in the past thinking just joining an association would automatically bring me relationships and new friends and new business opportunities.  What I found is that it all starts with trust.  People buy from people they trust. Trust develops as relationships grow. Relationships take time and effort.  So if you choose ATD LI…then lean in…get involved.

ATD: What was the most challenging experience you ever had in talent development, and why?

What is one thing you wished you had done differently on a learning and development project, and why?

KO: One of the most challenging projects was when I was brought in to coach a team of leaders who did not know me at all. What I wish I had done differently was to meet with each of them individually first, then have a meeting with them as a whole in a group setting. They had no idea who I was and I spent a large part of that first group session and the next two coaching sessions developing trust.  In retrospect, reversing the process (which is what I do now), meeting one on one is a better first step.

ATD: What are some of the biggest challenges you are currently facing in your field?

KO: One of the biggest challenges I face is an organization thinking tradition and old habits are not going to impact the work we are about to do.  Habits are hard to change, even when the people realize there are better ways.  

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