Virtual events are an exciting way to learn about the industry, explore new products, and meet people in the industry.  While these events may not be sponsored by ATD or ATDLI, feel free to register and attend the below virtual events.

Virtual Events

    • 18 Jul 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online



    Webinars and virtual presentations are now a way of life in day-to-day operations. We communicate, motivate, collaborate and solve problems through webinars and virtual presentations. Yet admit or not, many of us have become monotonous and unimaginative in our presentations that our very presence has become uninteresting and we lose rapport with our learners during our virtual sessions. We push learners into multi-tasking and sleepy modes.

    Ray has presented hundreds of webinars and has consistently engaged learners and team members. What are the secrets of being the super motivator webinar and virtual presenter?

    Topics cover:
    ●     How to deal with the fear inside you
    ●     How to brainstorm to produce creative presentations
    ●     Identify the structure of a highly engaging webinar and virtual presentation
    ●     How to translate your emotions into “felt experiences” by your audiences
    ●     How to help learners “think” and “empathize”
    ●     Discover the source of being a  truly “super motivator”  webinar and virtual presenter
    Attend the webinar and download for Free, Ray’s eBook on “101 Secrets of Super Motivator Webinar and Virtual Presenter.

    • 24 Jul 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online



    Deloitte’s Global Human Resources Trends indicates that employee engagement (and culture) is the number one challenge facing business leaders.  But,  they sadly claim, organizations are only ‘somewhat ready’ for this challenge.

    Many leaders and CEO’s still haven’t embraced engagement as a strategic business initiative. If your organization is one of them, this could be a costly oversight.  Why? Retaining and finding talent has never been difficult than it is RIGHT NOW. in the driver's seat.

    Join us July 24th, 2018 to learn how to get the attention of the C-Suite.

    In this high energy and captivating webinar, global engagement thought leader and author Bob Kelleher will give you practical and specific ideas to help ‘engage’ your leadership team. Specifically, Kelleher will outline:

    • Key business metrics proving that engagement DRIVES business results
    • Specific ideas to help you ‘get’ the attention of the C Suite that engagement must be a priority
    • How to help leaders create a line of sight describing where the company is going, how you’re going to get there, and what role all of your employees play in helping you get there.
    • How to measure the ROI of your engagement efforts
    • Why training your first line leaders is a necessary first step to engagement
    • How to build a communication ‘promise’ that will build alignment, engagement, and consistency of message
    • How effective performance management drives engagement (because A players want to work with A players)
    • Why building a culture of celebration and recognition drives positive  business results
    • The importance of defining one’s “Why” (according to research by Jim Collins (Good to Great), firms that focus on Purpose outperform their peer group 6X!
    • Why Empathy is the NEW BLACK

    • 01 Aug 2018
    • 12:00 PM
    • 01 Sep 2018
    • 1:00 PM
    • Online



    Examine the five Walt Disney inspired strategies for peak organizational performance—Purpose, Priorities, People, Platform, Process—and learn how Walt Disney applied each of them to his theme park business. Then discover specific tactics for applying all five to your organization’s business and training needs. 

    Everything Walt Disney touched seemed magical. It wasn’t. It was method. Learn the method and you can make your own magic. That method is based on five leadership, customer and ‘castomer℠’ performance strategies that deliver a single purpose-focused outcome.

    In this insightful and engaging presentation, 25-year Walt Disney World veteran Lenn Millbower shares the ways in which the following five strategies were, and are, trained, coached, rewarded and enhanced at every level within the Disney parks organization.


    • Discover how a single unifying goal delivers role function clarity to team members at all levels of the organization.
    • Explore the operating and behavior filters that identify the expected behavior and operating behaviors expected of all personnel. 
    • Examine how leader treatment of castomers℠ determines castomer treatment of customers and results in increased business profit. 
    • Identify environmental and performance staging elements that align the experience into an emotive, engaging whole.
    • Determine how a relentless plussing process improves performance for maximum results.

    • 09 Aug 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online



    Sales of the latest handheld devices have been increased 150% over the last quarter. The senior executives asked the question, “What caused it?” Employee turnover has declined 20% in the past nine months. Senior executive asked the question, “What caused it?” This simple question “What caused it?” is asked frequently in organizations around the world.

    It is not an unfair question for senior executives to ask. Our ability to isolate the effects of talent development programs positions us so that we can answer this important question in a credible and reliable way. Our inability to answer this question, opens the door to let others answer it for us. Isolating the effects of the program is not about isolating talent development initiatives from other activities going on in the organization. Far from it.

    In fact, by isolating the effects of your program, you’re positioning yourself as a better business partner because you can credibly explain how you know the investments in talent development initiatives are driving results; and you can help your business partners better allocate resources to the different programs, projects, and activities in which they are investing.

    During this session you will learn four techniques to isolate the effects of talent development programs. Case studies will demonstrate each technique.

    Participants will calculate the improvement in business measures as described in the case studies. Don’t forget to bring a calculator.

    Application on the Job: Upon completion of this session participants will be able to:

    • Describe the importance of isolating the effects of the program
    • Apply four techniques to isolate the effects of your program
    • Determine when to use each of the four techniques covered in this session

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