Dear Members and Friends of ATD Long Island,

Wow! This year went quick. It’s hard to believe that about 365 days ago, I took on the role of President of ATD Long Island. And twelve months later, here we are. I’d like to share what we’ve done this year and where the organization is looking to go.

Let’s start with programming. Programming this year was led by Sy Islam and Allie Lopes. This year we had great speakers at each of our events. We also added new panel discussions and a new career open mic night! In addition, we began monthly webinars. All of these events are getting excellent ratings in our new survey system that the Programming committee created.

In the world of Membership, we have sixty-one active members. Stephanie, Lisa, and Melissa actually brought on about 20 new members, but as in the past, we have a leak. With 20 new members joining us, we also lost about 20 old members. This seems to be a reoccurring theme with the organization. Once we can figure out how to plug this leak, the organization can grow exponentially.

Finance. There was a lot of work to do here. Karen had to re-establish our 501c3 status, and we did. We also are actively filing our tax documents in a timely manner. In addition, we are financially strong. Non-profits should be keeping one-two years of income as a cushion and we are within that range. Although we are slightly over budget this year, we have brought in a bit more income than expected. Do to diligent finance management, I can comfortably say that I don’t believe I see a membership fee increase in the coming year.

In the world of Marketing & Communications, Lisa is keeping our website going. We have been posting our board minutes and have a pretty active forum. In addition, our job site has been keeping up with postings around LI and NYC. We are looking forward to updating our website in the coming year to make it more attractive and drive more people to it.

Let’s talk about Outreach. We added this position this year to the board and Sheri has started to knock on the doors of businesses on LI to get sponsors for the organization. Ken Blanchard was added as our gold sponsor and she is looking to get NYIT back on-board as they were a long time sponsor.

In addition to all of this, ATD LI is in the process of incorporating. This will help to limit the financial exposure of our Board and it is a way for us to attract new board members.

The board for next year is set and it looks to be strong. While we are still on the search for a President-Elect for this year, I can see great things coming.

I’d like to end by saying thank you. Thank you to a Board who has been the backbone of the organization throughout the year. Thank you to our community of talent professionals who make the organization what it is.

Here is to a great 2019-2020.


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